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The MAA provides for an equitable sharing of available waters for all eastward flowing streams that cross interprovincial boundaries, including lakes and serves to protect transboundary aquifers and surface water quality.

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2015 Interprovincial Water Quality Objectives

2015 Interprovincial Water Quality Objectives

Jul 08, 2015

The Prairie Provinces Water Board (PPWB) completed the first comprehensive review and update of the Master Agreement's (MAA) water quality objectives since they were put in place in 1992.  The 2015 interprovincial water quality objectives were ratified on July 8, 2015 and came into effect on that date. 

There are now 71 interprovincial water quality objectives for water quality parameters, including nutrients, metals, major ions, physical characteristics, pesticides and radioisotopes for 6 transboundary rivers that cross from Alberta to Saskatchewan and 6 transboundary rivers that cross from Saskatchewan to Manitoba. 

The interprovincial water quality objectives are predominately based on the most protective water use guidelines.  The objectives are either provincial objectives used within the jurisdictions party to the MAA, or are guidelines developed by the Canadian Council of Minister of the  Environment (CCME), Health Canada or the United States Environmental Protection Agency.  

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