Prairie Provinces Water Board

The MAA provides for an equitable sharing of available waters for all eastward flowing streams that cross interprovincial boundaries, including lakes and serves to protect transboundary aquifers and surface water quality.

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Prairie Provinces Water Board
2365 Albert Street, Room 300
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 4K1

Telephone: (306) 780-6042
Fax: (306) 780-6810

PPWB Publications

The Prairie Provinces Water Board (PPWB) has produced a number of publications over the years. Many of these are publically available. A list of available reports can be downloaded from the link below.  Available electronic copies are organized by topics and can be downloaded from the left side bar menu.  If you would like an electronic copies of reports that are not posted, please Contact Us.

Most Prairie Provinces Water Board Reports are available free of charge upon request, exceptions being those that are out of print or incomplete. Older reports are often available only in hard copy whereas more recent reports are more likely to be available in electronic format (PDF) as well as hard copy. All reports are available in English only. Terms used to describe report availability include:

OUT OF PRINT: Copies of the report are no longer available. A copy could be viewed at the PPWB office in Regina or may be available at PPWB Agency libraries.

LIMITED DISTRIBUTION: Only a few copies of the report were made and therefore may not be available upon request. However, a hard copy is available for viewing at the PPWB office and PDFs may be available.
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