Prairie Provinces Water Board

The Prairie Provinces Water Board is a vital institution of governance in the prairies that facilitates sound and collaborative management of shared water resources.

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Prairie Provinces Water Board
2365 Albert Street, Room 300
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 4K1

Telephone: (306) 780-6042
Fax: (306) 780-6810

Board Members

Board Members are senior officials involved in water management in each of the Member Agencies of the PPWB. Members report directly to their Ministers. The Board is chaired by the Environment Canada Member. Members are responsible to: 1) work cooperatively with one another to achieve the best management of the water resource in the Prairies while representing their own jurisdictional interests; 2) ensure that the Board is informed of any potential projects or policies that could impact other jurisdictions and, when requested, provide the Board with an analysis of those implications; 3) share with one another policies, programs and practices of mutual interest; 4) inform appropriate senior officials and, when necessary, Ministers about significant issues considered by the Board; 5) provide direction to the PPWB Executive Director and all Board committees; 6) transmit the PPWB Annual Report to the appropriate Ministers; and 7) appoint, as required, representatives for Board Committees. The Board is supported by the Secretariat staff: Executive Director and PPWB Secretary.

  • Nadine Stiller

    PPWB Chair & Government of Canada Member

    Phone: (204) 983-1957

    Environment and Climate Change Canada

  • Lynden Hillier

    Government of Canada Member

    Phone: (613) 773-0923
    Fax: (613) 773-0966

    Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

  • Sam Ferris

    Saskatchewan Alternate

    Phone: (306) 787-6193
    Fax: (306) 787-0780

  • Brian Yee

    Alberta Member

    Phone: (780) 638-3186
    Fax: (780) 638-3187

  • Dave Zapshala

    Government of Canada Alternate

    Phone: (306) 523-6631
    Fax: (306) 780-5018

  • Nicole Armstrong

    Manitoba Alternate

    Phone: (204) 945-3991
    Fax: (204) 948-2357

    Department of Sustainable Development

  • Carmen de la Chevrotiere

    Alberta Alternate

    Phone: (780) 427-0710
    Fax: (780) 644-7571

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