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The most significant interjurisdictional water management arrangement in Canada is the Master Agreement on Apportionment.

1986 Pearse Inquiry on Federal Water Policy

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Water Quality Monitoring Sites and Objectives

Schedule E of the Master Agreement on Apportionment contains PPWB water quality objectives for 12 interprovincial river reaches. Environment and Climate Change Canada monitors water quality at these 12 sites for the PPWB. The complete list of water quality objectives for the 12 sites is available here and is also available below for each river.

  1. Cold Lake
  2. Beaver River Reach: Beaver Crossing to the Border
  3. North Saskatchewan River Reach: Lea Park to Lloydminster Ferry
  4. Battle River Reach: Blackfoot Creek to Unwin
  5. Red Deer River Alberta/Saskatchewan Reach: Bindloss to Confluence with the South Saskatewan River
  6. South Saskatchewan River Reach: Highway #41 to Confluence with Red Deer River
  7. Battle Creek (water quantity only)
  8. Middle Creek (water quantity only)
  9. Lodge Creek (water quantity only)
  10. Churchill River Reach: Island Falls to Pukatawagan Lake
  11. Saskatchewan River Reach: Outlet of Cumberland Lake to mouth of Carrot River
  12. Carrot River Reach: Turnberry to mouth of Carrot River
  13. Red Deer River Saskatchewan/Manitoba Reach: Etomami River to Red Deer Lake
  14. Assiniboine River Reach: Whitesand River to Outlet of Shellmouth Reservoir
  15. Qu'Appelle River Reach: Kaposvar Creek to Assiniboine River
  16. Pipestone Creek (water quantity only)

**Refer to link below for detailed additional description of the 2021 water quality objectives

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