Prairie Provinces Water Board

The MAA provides for an equitable sharing of available waters for all eastward flowing streams that cross interprovincial boundaries, including lakes and serves to protect transboundary aquifers and surface water quality.

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Prairie Provinces Water Board
10th Floor, Alvin Hamilton Building
1783 Hamilton Street
Regina, SK  S4P 4K1

Telephone: (306) 564-4462
Fax: (306) 780-6810

Committee on Groundwater

The Committee on Groundwater (COG) reports to and provides technical advice to the Board on groundwater issues. The COG deals with questions and studies related to the use and the quality of groundwater shared by the provinces. The COG also reports any unusual or emergency groundwater quantity or quality issues using the Contingency Plan. The Secretariat provides support as the COG is chaired by the Executive Director. The COG Secretary participates in the technical work and records Meeting Minutes.


Patrick Cherneski

COG Chair

Phone: 306-564-4450

Environment and Climate Change Canada

Yves Michaud

Natural Resources of Canada Member

Phone: 418-654-2673

Natural Resources of Canada

Tony Cowen

Government of Canada Member

Phone: 780-495-4911

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Guy Bayegnak

Alberta Member

Phone: 780-644-8368

Alberta Environment and Parks

Kei Lo

Saskatchewan Member

Phone: 306-694-3971

Water Security Agency

Graham Phipps

Manitoba Member

Phone: 204-945-8359

Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development

Sangeeta Guha

Alberta Alternate Member

Phone: 780-643-1863

Alberta Environment and Parks

Anatoly Melnik

Saskatchewan Alternate Member

Phone: 306-694-3149

Water Security Agency

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