PPWB Water Quantity Monitoring Sites and Data

The federal government is responsible to conduct monitoring at the PPWB sites. Environment Canada - Water Survey of Canada and other partners collect hydrometric and meteorological data at these and other sites. The PPWB uses these data and water use data to compute apportionable flows at 12 sites on the Alberta-Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan-Manitoba borders.


Flow data can be linked to below for each river. Data are presented in both graphical and tabular formats. Tables are in html format so users can select the table then copy and paste directly into spreadsheets, word processing and some graphical software packages.

The user can also obtain both historic and real-time recorded flow data for all stations monitored by Environment Canada - Water Survey of Canada.

  1. Cold River at Outlet of Cold Lake
  2. Beaver River at Cold Lake Reserve (water quality only)
  3. North Saskatchewan River near Deer Creek
  4. Battle River near the Saskatchewan Border (water quality only)
  5. Red Deer River near Bindloss, Alberta (water quality only)
  6. South Saskatchewan River below Red Deer River
  7. Battle Creek at Alberta Border
  8. Middle Creek near Alberta Border
  9. Lodge Creek near Alberta Border
  10. Churchill River at Sandy Bay
  11. Saskatchewan River at The Pas
  12. Carrot River near Turnberry (water quality only)
  13. Red Deer River near Erwood (SK/MB)
  14. Assiniboine River at Kamsack
  15. Qu'Appelle River near Welby
  16. Pipestone Creek at SK/MB Border

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